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Established in 2019, GTA Gold Entertainment strives to be the leading role playing platform within the Grand Theft Auto community. The company caters to the role playing and content community throughout multiple social media platforms.

Founded by Vangeezo and run by a team of creative individuals, GTA Gold offers a unique and versatile approach to every aspect of entertainment, catering towards both the creatives and the audience.

With over 10 years of experience in the entertainment firm, our professionalism goes beyond qualifications and levitates more towards the genuine passion for our work, which adds a personal touch to all our clients. As creatives we have delivered great content; as media enthusiasts, we have been part of the critical audience and know what is expected from both perspectives.

Being constant learners and explorers of the GTA gaming industry, we stay on top of things, maintaining the highest standards and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. We work closely with our clients to paint out their visions. Our art may have many words, but it always begins with "Quality."

Our focus at GTA Gold is to promote the virtual role playing community within the Grand Theft Auto platform on social media. The idea is to grant users a second life alter ego and freedom to achieve their desired goals without the real life challenges. So we manage Visionary Talents, we create Ingenious Events and run Services such as Record Productions, Magazines, Films/Series, Music Videos, and provide the community with an established platform to advertise their creativity.

So far, we have helped hundreds of individuals find their strengths within the graphic and editing industry, introduced or improved content makers creative directing skills, igniting the post-production skills and provide tutorials on how to do voiceovers.

No one needs to know the REAL YOU! Let your art be free, sell your music to the world without any setbacks and join the world of GTA Gold Entertainment.

"As long as gold never loses value, our services stand parallel".


Meet The Team

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RR Screech

Head of Advertisement

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RR Screech, the north side's favourite, is famously known as the Vice President of The Rollin Riches, which was formed in 2013. The young entrepreneur currently resides in Los Santos where the headquarters of the RR family is situated. The RR brand is a collective of wealthy individuals from across the globe.

As a Co-Founder and VP, he expands the RR brand through marketing strategies, a steady flow of content and his creative contribution to cinematography.

From Concerts, sports, events, and movie sets, Screech has organized a wide variety of activities and entertainment for the entire community.

Princess Headshot_edited.jpg

iPrincess Lang

Chief Executive Officer

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iPrincess Lang, a native of the beautiful state of San Andreas, was born in West Los Santos and raised by both her parents in Richman Hills. iPrincess established residency in Vinewood after graduation from ULSA with a Master’s Degree in Business and Communication.

Venturing away from the "Silver Spoon" lifestyle she was raised in, she decided to get her own bag. She is now the proud owner and founder of Royal Touch LLC. Owner of the Palace Night Club, and Co-owner of the Diamond Casino and Resort. The all-round creative enjoys cars, beauty, fashion, modeling, music, filming, as well as event planning and hosting.

Vangeezo Studio Shot_edited.jpg

Vangeezo Halo


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Vangeezo is a multi-talented individual with over 10 years’ experience in the entertainment industry.

Originally from Vice City, the photographer, actor and music video director moved to Los Santos in August 2018. Rapidly making a name for himself, Vangeezo branched out to event management, bought shares in Grotti supercars, and now owns a huge mansion in Lake Vinewood Estate.

After founding GTA Gold in August 2019, his solo entrepreneur initiatives won the attention of business-minded creatives who are now part of the umbrella of GTA Gold Entertainment.


Deanna Banks

Creative & Artistic Director

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Deanna Banks, famously known as QueenDeeautiful,
is an experienced digital creative artist. Her love for Vivid realism and creative imagery is expressed through her content and fashion editorials.

Born and raised in Liberty City, Deanna relocated to Los Santos to seek new business opportunities and advance her career in fashion. She owns and runs Paradise nightclub and her merchandising enterprise in the heart of Vespucci Beach.

Artistically involved in other ventures, the young queen of Liberty City is also the 1st Lady commissioner of DBBX Ballas and models for Gemstone Modeling Agency.



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