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GGM Edition 5

End of year edition featuring GTA's YouTube Phenomenon


GTA Gold Magazine Editon 2 featuring The Black Cartel Family

GGM Edition 2

Second Magazine release featuring GTA's most diverse Cartel Family

"The Black Cartel Family"

GTA Gold Magazine Editon 4 featuring 1MMG

GGM Edition 4

Featuring GTA's league of legends "1MMG" and founder


GTA Gold Magazine Exclusive edition featuring Vangeezo, RR.Srech and RR.Jefe

GGM Edition 1

First edition featuring GTA's Entrepreneurs Vangeezo, RR.Screech and RR.Jefe

GTA Gold Magazine Editon 3 featuring Aesthxticz

GGM Edition 3

Featuring GTA Details Competition winner and Digital Genius "Aesthxticz"