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Gold Magazine

Welcom to GTA Gold Magazine, the NO. 1 online 10-page spread in the GTA Instagram community, catering to all your showbiz cravings. Every week, we curate the most groundbreaking news, hottest gossip, and eye-catching content and bring it straight to your timeline. We offer real-time breaking news to follow up magazine issues via IG stories and make sure to engage with you in the comments under every issue, where you're likely to get live, on-the-record statements from the celebs themselves!

GTA Gold Magazine features top IG handles in the community - the celebrities who are really making their marks in the industry. Our marketing and editing experts are dedicated to ensuring we cover everything from exclusive interviews with the nation’s favorite content creators, the hottest gossip on social media and the sexiest snaps of GTA celebrities and the best pictures and videos of the week.



Feature Page -Selected by the GTA gold team

Page 3 - Discover and get to know the sexiest topless models in the industry

Page 4 & 9 - Advertisement page (Cars, Fashion, Food, Products)

Page 5 - Gossip

Page 6 - Queendeeautiful's fashion page

Page 7,8 - Top 4 Pictures, Top Video of the week

Page 10 - Promotion (Events, Competitions, )

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Tired of downloading songs that don't belong to you?


It's time YOU owned exclusive rights to your music! 


At GTA Gold, we don't just make beats... NO!

We produce potential HITS at affordable rates.

We'll even help you write the song, record it, register it and for a small fee you can own 100% rights to it like we never even existed.

Listen to a few of our producers.

All *EXCLUSIVE* productions start at $250 + 10% VAT

All Exclusive productions + 100% rights

(removal of producer and songwriting credit)



Cold Instrumental - Vangeezo Halo
Black Girl Magic - TETRO (Prod. Vangeezo Halo)
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Record Production



You need a map or a Presenter?

So, you're ready to land a career in events, and you believe you have what it takes, but for some reason, no one wants to come to your events.

Here's one possible answer: "Maybe you NEED US"

Our events are exclusive with rules and policies to join, so we can help those who qualify host their next event for a little fee. We will create the idea, the map, and the flyer. We will also organise your guest list.

Need Ideas? - We'll help you:

  1. Figure out what you want to achieve at your events.

  2. Craft the experience you want your guests to leave with from beginning to end.

  3. Create an exclusive event, per request. (Map? T&C apply.)

  4. Make sure you're truly catering to your guests by applying The Gold Standard.

  5. stand out from all your competitors.


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Introducing - GTA Gold TV

So you've shot a great visual (film, music video, advert) but you don't have enough subscribers for your work to be seen globally. Well, we can help:

GTA GoldStar aims to be the Worldstar in the GTA community. Yes, you can have your own youtube channel, but let us establish you first on our platform.
A platform where everyone is subscribed makes life easier for your content to be seen, heard and appreciated.

The decision is all yours. Contact us

Music Video's - $50

Films - $75

Adverts $30

Tv reality show - $60


Feature Page - $30 per week


Feature page (Website) - $10 per day

Facebook, Website and feature page - $60 per week

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Youtube Platform


Music Videos/Adverts


We Got You


GTA Gold has a team of professional video editors ranging from different styles .

 All our directors  have high level expirence in creative directing and performances, music videos and television. 

Head over to our porfolio tab to see more of what we've done or

Check out our showreel