T&C's Video


* By submitting your video for Only Fans $600 Competition, you are giving permission for GTA Gold to download, upload and promote your video including changing the title to meet marketing requirements.

* Video must be more than one (1) minute and up to four (4) minutes.

* GTA gold may ask you to prove that you are the owner of the video if company feels that the video needs to be verified. Therfore, GTA Gold has every right to refuse participation in the competition.

* All cash winnings will be paid out via Cashapp, Paypal or Cryptocurrency (subject to crypto) .

* Winners will be chosen by Oh sarh Beats, Dayla Foxx, and the 3 emerging acts. (GTA Gold will not partake in any judging decisions.

* Winner hereby gives Oh Sarah Beats permission to futher push the winning video to multiple platforms.

* To receive bonus, you must be able to replicate the imagery of the acts featured on the "Only Fan" song. Only one winner will be picked.

T&C's Story

* All story submissions will be entered into a draw.

* Winners will be chosen at random via the spinning wheel.

* GTA Gold will go live on friday the 18th of September to announce the winners.

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